You’re the Star of Your Own Movie…is it a Blockbuster or a Bust?

What an exciting dream my friend had.  All her favorite actors were in the room with her.  They wanted to star in her next screenplay.  She even had Spielberg there, letting her know that it was going to be a success and that she would be richly rewarded for it.  Wow!

You do the same thing, every day.  Yes, let’s go back to the last time you were behind the steering wheel, or maybe it was in the shower this morning.  Let’s go back to the times you let your mind wander.  What was your screenplay…?

A romantic comedy…you were replaying the beautiful interlude between you and your partner from the night before.  Quietly chuckling over how elbows and arms got tangled up ending up with a tumble off the bed.  That might leave a bruise.

A horror story…Jason and Freddy all rolled up into that nasty coworker you’re dealing with.  Reliving how they’re trying to stab you in the back.  Every time you run into them at work the music from a certain Psycho shower scene goes off in your head.

Action/adventure…the report for work is due by tomorrow morning, the kids need to be in two places as one time (soccer and tennis lessons) and family is coming in from out of town with the house looking like the local recycling center.  Can you get it all done, will you get it all done, and do you even care anymore?

All the above scenarios were meant to elicit some emotional reaction from you.  We live our lives by emotion, not logic.   We live for the thrill, whether it’s ours or someone else’s.

What thrill are you seeking though?  Is it like my friend from the beginning, the feelings of success, reward and accomplishment?  Or is it your own Friday the umpteenth story?

You are the writer, director, producer and star.  What kind of movie do you want to be remembered for?

Follow these 3 simple steps to make your movie (and what you manifest from it) a Success!

1. Your movie should be something YOU want to be, do and have (not what you want someone else to do OR what someone else wants for you). To make your movie truly effective for you, imagine as if you have already achieved Success.

2. Use your primary learning modality. Some people are visual so they can see things bright, bold and vivid in their mind’s eye. Others are kinesthetic, they rely more on feelings and emotions. And then there is auditory who uses sound. So, whichever is yours, Turn Up the sights, sounds and feelings in your movie.

3. Play your movie many times during your day, preferably when your mind typically wanders off. During your shower, standing in line, waiting on the phone. Use these times to program yourself for Success.

One last tip; if during your Magnificent Movie, you receive the impulse to take action to make things happen, Do It! While visualizing is a needed component to program yourself for Success, you still need to take the action to make it happen.

So, what movie are you playing? Is it a Blockbuster or a Bust

Click here for all the details but act right away because this offer is going away soon!

Click here for all the details but act right away because this offer is going away soon!