Your halfway through the year. Are you halfway through your goals?

Have you realized you are halfway through the year?!

What a great time to pause, reflect on all that you have achieved, and decide what the rest of the year will bring you.

BUT, let me caution you… Most people will focus on what they have not received, the goals that have not been realized, the end results that were less than satisfying. This is not the way that your mind operates at its very best.

Where attention goes, energy flows

You may have heard the saying: where attention goes, energy flows, and your focus grows! Now let’s break down into actual mind science. Your subconscious mind is like a computer. It does not care what program you run, whether that program is healthy or will hold you back, it’s only job is to run the program and to bring about the desired end results of that program.

If you are focusing on lack, what you don’t have, what’s missing, (in other words poverty consciousness), then your subconscious mind will do its best to bring more of that into your life.

It is time to break the back of lack in your life, celebrate what you have already succeeded at, and move forward with confidence and power!

So, here are your Goal Getting Success Steps:

1. Review your last six months for success. Write down at least six things that you felt great about during the first half of the year.

2. Now that you have your successes, write down the strongest emotion that was invoked from each success. You may find that there are repeating emotions, or you may find they are all different.

3. Pick one emotion out of your list and write it down where you can see it daily for the next month. Take a few minutes every day and program your mind for success by telling your subconscious that you want it to automatically find all the ways to experience this wonderful, life-giving emotion in your actions and your results.

4. Repeat this exercise for each of the remaining months of the year.

Your mind has been programmed to stop when you try to take care of yourself!

You’ve been conditioned to take care of others; at the expense of yourself. It’s not doing Success when it’s easy; it’s continuing to implement when it’s hard. And that’s the challenge, Success was there but you stopped. Fear will shut you down.

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you, it will repeat that habit and pattern, stopping you faster each time you go for yor goals. And now you have 2 problems; you’ve been programmed to take care of others and you have the habit of hurting yourself when seeking your own Success!

80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8

Take a moment and think of this; 80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8. This conditioning was not based on your brilliance, but instead it was the what and who others needed you to be for their lives to be OK.

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress; you’ll be able to provide for yourself that will in turn, help you to better care for those you care about!

How does Hypnosis accomplish this? By going to the home of your conditioning and programming, and upgrading it for what you want to receive and achieve.

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