Your Get Up and Go, Got Up and Left?

“I just don’t know what’s gotten into me lately. I know I should be working on __________ (fill in with your favorite procrastination) but Ido-you-really-need-that-job just can’t seem to get moving.”  This is a common complaint I’ve been hearing lately.  You can feel sluggish, fuzzyheaded, and forgetful. And as important deadlines and projects fall by the wayside you can begin to worry if this is going to become a way of life for you.

Motivation, movement, and momentum are what you use to physically create your dreams and desires.  What can you do when it seems yours has moved to a different zip code?  There are four steps I take my clients through to move them from stuck-in-sloth-mode into I’m-Back in-Control-Success.  

1. Is it time for your renewal cycle?

We’re built physically, emotionally, and mentally for bursts of energy expenditures alternating with replenishment and renewal. Unfortunately for most people, they are operating at high levels of expenditure All the Time.  At some point your systems are going to reach critical overload and if you do not listen to the message to replenish, your systems will force it upon you through a shut-down.

If you’re needing renewal, it can reveal itself through the inability to focus, feeling like you’re stuck in drama mode and your body no longer wants to move.

What to do to rejuvenate?  Give yourself some rest. You may protest you have too much to do but either you choose it or your subconscious will, usually through sickness!

Take some simple down time of doing nothing.  Not going anywhere, not planning anything.  In fact the most stressful thing you may pick up is a book or the remote to the TV. Sleep more than normal, drink plenty of water, eat lightly for 48-72 hours and see how you feel.

You can also look at this same time last year to see if you were feeling this way.  For many people, their body rhythms run in cycles that can be plotted over the course of a year.  If this is you, then you can plan for when this shows up, and have the wisdom to take care of yourself, knowing that it will pass.

2. Do you have a never ending to do list without any reward?

In study after study, when employees were asked what would motivate them, appreciation and recognition came in number one.  Now, you may have a boss who is terrible at this, thinking that your paycheck is enough of a thank you, or you may be like me where you ARE the boss. What to do?

You can set up a system of your own pat-on-the-back-rewards because your subconscious does not care Who It Comes From! This part of your personality just wants to know its hard work is being noticed.

Every 2 to 3 weeks you should have something special that you’re doing for you. This Is Important: you’re not rewarding yourself for your end results, those may not be here yet. Instead, you’re rewarding your effort! Example; want to get into better shape?  Set the goal not in pounds reduced, but in how many times or amount of time you’ll exercise over the next three weeks.  Hit that mark and you get a goodie.

You’ll also want to know that the part of your mind that keeps track of your recognition reward does not judge the quality by money spent.  A rejuvenating nap ranks just as high as a new pair of shoes. Personally, I’d take both but that’s me…

3. Are you out of integrity with your values?  If you value freedom and you work for someone who likes to micromanage, then you’re going to be hurting, plain and simple. If this inner clash goes on too long it will suck the life right out of you: mentally, emotionally, physically. What to do?

Choose a new value! You could trade your current focus of freedom for a new one such as persistence, or making a difference, ambition, even strength.  The message is simple; where attention goes energy flows. If you’re focusing on all the ways your needs are not getting met, then that’s all you’ll receive. Try picking a new need instead.

4. Are you operating outside of your Brilliance? You have a unique area of expertise that has been built up over time from your experiences in life. It is what I referred to as Your Brilliance. It’s how you light up the life of others. You do it automatically, and even if you wanted to, you can’t shut your light off.

You may be taking some actions that fall outside your illumination. When you engage in these activities too much and for too long you begin to pull power away from your light.  This results in your brilliance dimming down.  Could your current malaise simply be a message that you’re engaging in activities that are dumbing you down?  If so, then find a way of dumping or delegating them as quick as possible.

There is no reason why you should ever accept anything from life less than you at your best!  To do this though, requires you to make THE decision that you are going to step up your self-care. Remember, success is just the journey. You, at your very best, is the true destination!


Are You Being Left Behind?P.S. If after the 4 steps above, you’re still not taking action on what needs to be done, the reason is pretty simple… you’re getting your subconscious emotional needs met but in a dysfunctional way. That’s the bad news. The good news? Anything that has been learned can be re-learned! Hypnosis is one of the the fastest ways to upgrade your subconscious from struggle into Success. Let’s have a quick 15 minute chat to see if a Hypnosis Session is the right next step for you (sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t). Click here to set your chat time