Are You Missing Sales Because of This? 

This should be an easy sale! What the client said they needed and what you offer are in complete alignment.

On the outside you are in complete control but on the inside you are giggling like a small child on their birthday; you’re so happy when the possibility to help someone like this presents itself!

You share how you can help them, give them the outline of your process and (wait for it) you ask for the sale. This last part has you feeling exceptionally excited because you are using new closing techniques you recently learned.

There’s a pause, the potential client thanks you for spending the time with them and (wait for it) says they will: think about it… has to check with their significant other… doesn’t have the money right now… wants to check around…whatever the excuse, they leave with you still owning the product/program/service.

In other words Sorry, You’ve Missed It.

Maybe you’ve been at this awhile, so you remind yourself all of sales is simply a numbers game; some will, some won’t, so what, who’s next.  

Or you are brand new and it stings when you get rejected but you’ve heard that this is to be expected.

Or it’s because you don’t handle objections well or… BUT (wait for it) that “other” salesperson is lousy at handling objections and they get the sale.

In fact, they are not nearly as good as you in so many areas and they seem to be thriving in their business; they don’t care about the client’s the way you do… they don’t offer as many specials and savings as you do… they don’t follow up with care and concern the way you do…. STOP.

Before your mind sends you down the road of rationalization only to get stuck in the cul-de-sac of comparison, let’s look at one of the real reasons you lost the sale: you did not engage Emotional Solution Transference; in other words, you did not solve their most pressing problem that they are willing to pay for…

Here’s what they’re really buying


Everything you do is based on getting an emotional need met!

The analyzation, rationalization and justification comes in after the feeling. By engaging the subconscious (which makes all buying decisions based on avoidance/amplification) you will increase sales, client retention, and your marketing will consistently make money, just for starters. 

How much better would business be for you, if you leveraged this law in your: presentations, marketing, brochures, copy on your website, emails, etc.?

So, stop talking about your process and system. This is considered selling (the transference of money in exchange for a product or service) and should only take place after the potential client has said “yes” to their success through you.

Instead you want to market (making a product or service so desirable that potential clients are attracted to you) all the way up to the yes, then sell, then market again to make the sale sticky. 

How do you get to a better answer of “yes” from your potential clients, when you market?

By asking them better questions.

Find out the pain they want to avoid, how that pain has been holding them back and what they really want to experience. In doing this you have activated their subconscious mind (remember, it makes all the buying decisions) and it wants to find an answer to the pain.

Then you position your product/service as the solution so they can achieve the quality of life that they deserve and desire. So when they say yes, they say yes to their success through you!

When done correctly, the Psychology behind Selling positions you as the go-to Expert and Specialist. You will be remembered, referred and richly rewarded with sales. But it is more than that; you get to build a better world and build your bank account.

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Dawn and Drew

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