Why No Urgency = No $ale

You thought you had a great presentation with the possible new client. The rapport seemed instant, they readily agreed they need what you have, and they even talked about sharing you with their circle of contacts!

BUT they needed to think about it, they really didn’t have the money, it just wasn’t a good time with the upcoming (graduation, wedding, vacation, etc.). You so understood. Hey, you’ve been in that situation, you know what it’s like. And heaven forbid you don’t want to be that pushy salesperson.

Time goes by and you have occasional contact with them, letting them know you’re here when they need you. But that time never comes. They take the kids to Disney, get a new car, send the oldest kid off to college, open a new location for their biz, put in a pool, pay off the medical bills, and on and on and on…without you and how you can help them. Why?

You bought into their lie that now wasn’t the right time. From their reality, it wasn’t a good idea to move forward with you, but that was from the part of their mind that has learned to create excuses to avoid pain. And because the mind learns through emotional repetition, they have linked you to procrastination.

So the sale never happens, the referrals always get put off, and you begin to get desperate. More networking, more ads, more 1-to-1’s, a different product, an upgraded website, more money and more time yet, the same results. The problem isn’t what you’re doing, the problem is what your are avoiding; Urgency.

Urgency: the swift impulse to grow. Your potential clients will ALWAYS find a way to get what they truly want. It is up to you as their guide, to help them reveal: how they want to grow, how urgent it really is, and how they will sabotage their own desires.
Here are 4 steps to Urgency Success (by the way, this will work whether you have a product, program or service that is based on luxury or necessity).

Ask your potential client:

1. What do they really want? Remember, they buy for their reasons and will not be sold because of yours. Ask them how your _______ will improve the quality of their life. What’s the best part about that? How will they use it?

2. How important is it to them to receive these results? Notice how I’m not asking how important it is to purchase my product/service! People invest emotionally for solutions and then buy the system (your product/program) to justify those results.

3. How have they stopped themselves in the past? This is not the first time they’ve come across a system like yours that they were interested in. And they didn’t take action then which reinforces them using the same stalling excuses. But this time is different because you will not allow them to continue to put off their Success! When they use this procrastination technique, you remind them of: what they really want, how important it is, and how they’re sabotaging themselves (again).

Ask yourself:

4. It’s happened to you before. You’ve just met someone, and although they seem nice enough, there is something off. You even remark to your friend or spouse that you can’t put your finger on it, but something just doesn’t seem right.

What you are picking up is: do as I say, not as I do. Technically speaking, dissonance is where a person’s inner thoughts and emotions do not match their outer actions. They are not in integrity and we experience this through our subconscious as something being off.

You’re asking for your potential client to invest in their success through you…but when is the last time you invested in yourself and your business? But wait, you say, I don’t have the money. That’s because you haven’t made the decision you need the money. But wait, you say, you don’t have the time. That’s because you’ve allowed other items to be more important than your growth.

You attract what you are, not what you want. If you don’t create urgency for yourself to grow, you’re going to struggle helping your potential client realize their urgency. Why? Because that would put you out of integrity with your own values of procrastination and avoidance. Now we have 2 people with a problem; the potential client who doesn’t get the service they need and you struggling in your business.

No urgency, no sale, NO GROWTH, for you and them.


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