You’re finally feeling like you’ve got a handle on helping your clients.  You can answer any question they might have about your product, you’re brilliant at breaking them through their struggles, you’ve arrived and you’re helping them to do the same.

Which is the same reason why you are hurting the very people you seek to help!

You may be the reason why they have so many questions, why they keep struggling for breakthroughs and the why on the slow arrival.

In peak performance studies, there is something known as The Curse of Expertise.  Simply put, the savvier you are at your position, Start-Finish-15he2z6 the more your brain focuses on your performance and repeating that high level achievement.  Which moves you farther away from a beginner’s mind AND the ability to help your clients when they are just starting to learn what you already know.

Whether you are training a customer on how to use your product, coaching a client to moving into their next level of success or schooling a new team member, there are 3 steps to translating your expertise into workable solutions so your clients can achieve rapid results.

1. Your Signature System.  Pain: an experience your mind wants to suppress, repress and forget as quickly as possible.  Case in point, childbirth.  Without this control coping mechanism, there would be a whole-whooping-bunch of “only children”.

This is why it is hard for you to remember how challenging it was to use/learn/integrate the product or system you currently market.  Yet, this is exactly what your clients need from you; the simple-to-follow system that you’ve put together.  It is known as your signature system because it is unique to you as your finger print.  You see, you know from experience what not to do, what to do more of, and exactly how to become proficient.  But you may need to enlist the help of someone currently learning your product, to reactivate that beginners mind.

2. Complexity.  The subconscious is the part of the mind that runs all habits and patterns.  Let’s face it, lasting success or failure are simply the results of those repeated behaviors.  Something you need to know about the subconscious mind; it always takes the path of least resistance.  It does not enjoy the starting of a new action, or using a new product.  So it will engage the conscious mind to find excuses and justifications on why now is not a good time to start, or why now is a great time to give up.

As their mentor, you can counter act this by having a simple plan of action written out for your client.  What is their first step that can be completed in the next 24 hours?  What will be their step after that?  When should you contact them to give them their next set of instructions (waiting for them to call is not easy on their part, so most won’t).  In other words, write down your signature system and then guide them through it in easy to accomplish actions.

3. Time.  As the expert you will drastically underrate how much time it will take your apprentices.  Add in an average of 30% to their achievement plan.  If you think it will take 2 hours, then it is 3.  If you think it will take 2 weeks, turn that into 21 days.  This gives your clients the needed space to learn with minimal disappointments because they are not measuring up.  It will also take the pressure off of you to fix their infuriation when they feel like giving up.

Your clients need your expertise distilled down for the amateur.  Go back to that beginners mind and put together your system for Success!


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