I hosted a conference call last night for some very bright Certified Hypnotist’s who want to take their business and their client’s success to the next level.  The call was focused on a drip marketing campaign designed for private session clients to check on their progress and to develop continuing business with them.   One of the callers stated that she had been trained that follow up might create doubt in the clients mind. Hmmm…

My first reaction was, ‘how absurd”.  And now that I have given it some thought, my reaction is “Bullshit!”  Yes, this is my blog and I get to call it the way I see it.  The only reason why any service provider would not want to follow up is because of the doubt they have about what they just accomplished for their client, not the other way around. irritation-of-doubt

I’m thinking abut the time I received services (instead of tangible products) and the provider gave me a follow up phone call or note;

  • The ER visit with my son and the nurse called a few days later to see how he had improved.  He hadn’t, so she directed me to take the next step.  My thoughts; how wonderful they care for us, we’re not just another number.
  • The time my salon stylist left the cover up color too long on my roots (yes, I cover the white coming in) and I had to go back in for the purple crown I was wearing.  A couple of days after she fixed it, she called to make sure I was happy.  My thoughts; I like that she righted what was originally wrong and is standing by it.
  • And  finally, the therapist I was seeing a few years ago for a very messy time in my life.  It was a particularly hard session because I was refusing to take action and yet still wanting my life to change.  I left hurt and confused.  This woman reached out to me a few days later, just to let me know that she cared.  My thoughts; I’m really not alone in this, she does understand.

So, if you are a service provider who does not follow up with your clients because of doubt; the doubt belongs to you, not your client.  My suggestion; find a mentor who can help you with your confidence issues or get out of your profession.  Our clients have a hard enough time believing in themselves without you compounding the problem!

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