Warning: You’re Losing Money if You’re Not Forecasting Client Problems

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You’re heading towards your mailbox, dropping off the bill payments before you head to the important client meeting. An unexpected rain shower begins to douse you; not the way you want to start your day, looking like a drowned rat. Why can’t the weatherman get the forecast right?

In the car, you begin to back out of the driveway when you notice the brake is sticking, again. You heard about the auto recall on the news and you’re just waiting for your forecasting stonenotice to show up. According to the reports, there were indications that this was a problem months before the auto manufacturer did anything about it. Why couldn’t they have forecasted this would be a problem before it impacted you?

Arriving at your favorite coffee house, you grab one of the last tables for your meeting (they’re always so crowded). You’ve still got a bit of time before your appointment shows, so you grab a coffee cup and head over to the coffee bar…empty… again. You look around at their bustling business and you know they are always busy at this time of day. Then why can’t they forecast the need of extra coffee?

What could cause a problem, what obstacles could show up, what extra will be needed when the answer finally arrives; how has your inability to answer these questions for your own clients held you back from growing your business?

An important lesson I learned from my partner Drew and his racing career: if you look where you are at right now, you will hit what’s farther down the road. It’s the same way with your potential clients. They are coming to you because they have a painful problem right now and together you’re going to solve it. But they will stay with you when you; show them how to be prepared for the unexpected that can try to rain on their progress, reveal to them how to deal with future obstacles that will try to stall their momentum, AND prepare them for the next level of success that otherwise could drain them.

So, how do you forecast what’s coming down the road? First, you need to have your Signature System in place. This is your process, the exact steps you take your client’s through that lead them from struggle into success. By the way, you should have a signature system for every aspect of your business; marketing (on and off line), networking, leads, referral partners, current clients, past clients, etc. This is what will move you from trading dollars for hours into leverage for longevity.

Now, onto forecasting:

Take each step of your signature system and ask:

What external conditions could keep your clients from completing this step?

What are the internal conditions (what are they feeling and thinking) that could generate fear and doubt? How can you address these thoughts and emotions before they arise?

What preparation (resources and resourcefulness) does your client need to experience, if the best case scenario happens for them at this level?

Focus your business answers only on the past and your income will decline. Focus only on the present and you will experience roller coaster months until your answers become a thing of the past (and so do your profits). Add in a future component and realize greater client impact and business income.

Dawn Ferguson, CI, CH

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