Your dread and your dreams, the bad beliefs from your past and your future potential that’s calling, how hard you have to work, how easy it is to find fulfillment Depend on THIS…

No where does your pre-programming show stronger than in your Money Personality! (AND keep in mind, you could replace the word money with whatever your current struggle is)

What can you do to move forward with confidence and competence in building your Success world?  Well, I teach my clients a 4 step process known as: Reveal, Release, Relearn and Rejoice for Lasting Results.

Let’s look at the first step today: Reveal.  There are 4 money personalities that will lead you into poverty (or if you’ve started there, they can keep you stuck and struggling).  

But before I give you the details, I want you to know: It’s NOT Your Fault!

These bad beliefs, struggling feelings, and bad habit reactions around money are simply something you learned at an early age.  It was before you were old enough to reject “hold-you-back-habits”.  

You learned these bad beliefs by watching those around you and how they used money, or money used them. Then, as you matured, your mind sought out experiences to support those earlier beliefs.

While it’s not your fault that these bad beliefs about money (and what it stands for) were formed, it is now your full responsibility to transform them for your good!  There is only one way to improve your money world, and that is to improve yourself.

You will find a little bit of you in all the personalities, but there is one that is your favorite that you return to again and again.

The 4 Personalities of Poverty Consciousness:

1) It’s Never Enough

Symptoms: You plan and budget, even figuring out what you need to the penny. And you get really close to what’s needed, but not quite.

Something always happens and it’s not enough. Even though you constantly hear you’re so important to your organization, it seems like potential raises (and if you’re self-employed, potential clients) never come through and you can’t figure out why. 

The fact that you don’t have enough income now, puts you into a panic and decision avoidance.

Cause: You felt completely let down in life because you experienced being abandoned.  No explanation, no reason, what you relied on was gone.  You continue to search out people, places and things to help you feel better, but they are just never enough.  

Your power of trust is being misplaced.

What you really want: is to trust…yourself.  To be able to stop allowing others to determine how safe you feel.

2) The Drama Queen (or King)

Symptoms: You make the money and would have a pretty nice lifestyle if it wasn’t for that darn black cloud that follows you into every part of your life! There always seems to be some sort of money crisis or chaos that continually happens to you.  

Last year’s holiday bonus check, it was eaten up by the car suddenly breaking down. Your daughter’s Big Graduation BBQ at your house was eclipsed by the refrigerator going out the day before.  That great summer vacation was interrupted by the whole family coming down with the flu…damn non-refundable plane tickets!

Cause: You never knew what to expect in life because of the impulsiveness of those around you. It seemed as though the authority figures in your life rejected smooth sailing, instead looking to create drama, crisis and chaos.  

You learned to thrive in this environment. Your energy is being misplaced.

What you really want: is to achieve. Move your energy from stuck to success with results you can experience Right Now.

3) The Sacrificer

Symptoms: It feels as if everyone is more important than you.  Because of this you will need to buy their: love, respect, attention, friendship, companionship, etc.

The client that wants out of the contract they signed with you, no problem. The family member that wants to borrow more money when they haven’t paid you back from the last time?  Ok.  

The only people who show up to support you are the ones looking for the great freebies you give away; you expect it.  You think maybe you just need to give more, do more, and then people will want to be with you.

Cause: You were taught by life that you weren’t good enough.  Maybe you lived in the wrong zip code, your parents dressed you differently, or you consistently came in 2nd…or 3rd…or 4th. …or maybe you didn’t even place.  

First it started with others finding fault with you until you found fault with yourself. What you value is misplaced.

What you really want: to be worthy.  You teach others how to treat you by how you treat yourself.

4) The Wallflower

Symptoms: You’re the one everyone turns to when things need to be accomplished without giving credit.  

Someone needs to work with a client late on Friday night, that’s you even though it means missing your daughter’s play. The potential client you spent a lot of time with last week giving them free advice?   They went to your competitor even though your program is better both in content and price.  The joint venture that was finally going to put you on the map, somehow you did all the work and they made all the money.  

You crave control in situations because you think that will keep you from getting hurt, but in reality it just adds to your workload without compensation.

Cause: you were taught by life that the group’s needs were more important than the individual, and that hard work would be its own reward for you. 

Shunning your own needs, and the spotlight, you went to work making life better for everyone else.  The spotlight is misdirected.

What you really want: to be validated.  It’s time you stepped out of the shadows and into the leader you really are.

The first step in resolving a challenge is awareness (Reveal). 

Your second step; Release. Claim your Breakthrough to Your Next Level of Success Coaching Call HERE

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