I had worked so hard for what little I had, and she shamed me for it.

Got 7 minutes? I have a quick story…

I’ve been in business for almost 15 years now BUT I was ready to quit at the 3 year mark.

I was working at least 80 hours every week, going to countless networking events, running ads, talking to everyone I knew about what I did (hypnosis), and I still wasn’t making any money.

In fact, I couldn’t break past the $20,000 ceiling and my expenses (office, networking, etc.) were more than that. I was in the hole!

Things had to improve or I would have to go back to work in corporate. And while my checkbook would flourish in that environment, I knew my soul would die.

I had to do something, so…

I hired a coach who taught me things like make a vision board and talk positive. While that can keep you motivated, they do not build a bankable business!  So I kept looking…

I went to classes and read books on how to build a business and improved, but my results were still hit and miss. So I kept searching…

And that’s when I got shamed (and reached a turning point). I had a supposed complimentary coaching call (aka nothing but a sales pitch) with a woman who posed as a business coach. But when she found out how much I was making in a year, she laughed at me, told me she couldn’t help and hung up on me. I made a promise then that I would keep going until I found what consistently produced results and then I would teach it to people just like me, the ones who really needed it without the shame and big price tag…

It took me 2 years of searching before I found what I needed to build my business. And it made such a huge difference in how I attracted clients and what I was earning, that I continue to study it and teach it, today. Welcome to the Psychology behind Selling; the System that will allow you to Serve More, Earn More While Working Less.

Let’s Get Started on Your Results Now

There are only 3 ways to build your business. Everything you do in your business will fall in to one of these categories: whether it’s your website, networking, marketing materials, blogging, videos, social media, referral partners, how you structure your time and where you invest your money.

The 3 Ways to Build Your Biz

How important is the above process? If you were to sell your business, you would sell 2 things; your book of contacts (clients and leads) PLUS your system (above). If you are missing either of these, no-sale. Which could be the reason why you have a limited number of sales now OR you’re working too hard and too long to get them!

But your business system will fail you if you do not understand why the client’s buy (aka emotional needs) AND why-they-should-buy-now (aka buying triggers).

To give you an example; there are 4 Emotional Buy Needs; 

Emotional Buy Needs

EVERY sale that your client says yes to, is because they believe your product/program/service will meet one of these needs.

BUT there’s one more thing; what you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself and your results!

It’s not your fault; you’ve been programmed to be a good employee, or maybe a great manager BUT what’s missing is your ability to develop your company and then lead it.

Here’s the 4 levels of Profit and Passion

Remember the would-be-biz-coach who laughed at me? I made a promise then, that I would do everything possible to make this training available to the very entrepreneurs who need to know how to make money in their business.

This is why I am offering you the ability to learn your 6-Figure Biz Building System at such an affordable investment! Right now tickets start at $97 AND I’m giving you a chance to save $20 as a bonus.

You now have a choice; continue to do what you’re already doing and keep recreating the results you’ve already got


Take these 3 Easy Steps and discover your predictable 6-Figure Success System that you can easily adapt to your business, charge what you’re really worth and begin to make the soul-satisfying difference for your audience. (yes, I know that was a run-on sentence but I wanted to show you what it would look like to hit every Emotional Buy Need-lol)  

  1. Success Summit is going Virtual this Year which means you can attend from anywhere! (you’ll even get the complete Success Manual and the video downloads)  
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OK, you do have another option; pick a coach who’ll give you platitudes instead of income-producing processes or one who’ll judge you because you can’t pay them.

My business is built upon you being a Success. Let’s make this happen for you now!

Dawn (and Drew-he wants you to be a Success, too!)

P.S. Questions? Call direct (636) 699-7791