(the below was an email sent to the members and guest’s of our Income/Impact Acceleration Mastermind (I AM). We thought it held biz-building insights that you could benefit from, also)

You invested your precious time in yesterday’s Mastermind and learned how to attract Quality Leads.

So what will sabotage your business building success?

Sabotage #1 and its Success Key: What’s the reason why you aren’t where you want to be?

Is it the demands-of-others that leave you with little biz building time, a bad up-bringing that left you-less-than-confident or maybe you need to find-and-learn-one-more-thing before you really begin to produce results…


What you’re really saying, it that something outside of you has to change before you can move up into your next level of Success.

There is a difference between having resources and being resourceful. Where have you assigned responsibility to something outside of you and are you ready to take your producing power back?

TODAY: what will you do to prove you will not accept anything less than Success?


Sabotage #2 and its Success Key: you can fool the mediocre masses but you cannot fool the affluent.

Remember, true affluence is a mindset that will not accept anything less than Success. This will typically show in one area of their life and they want to know how to extend this experience to all areas.

The affluent have reached this level of achievement because they will not accept no. They understand that strategies and tactics may change, but the goal does not. And they only want to work with people who hold these same values.

If you step into my world and then tell me my offer isn’t what you want, I’ll ask ‘how can I serve you’, until together we find a way.

What about you? If you’re not getting the answers you want (from yourself and your qualified leads), are you asking the right questions?

TODAY: for your business to change, you’re accepting the challenge to find a way to Yes.


Sabotage #3 and its Success Key: you attract what you are, not what you want.

Emotions are viral; we catch them from other people, places and things UNLESS we choose to be the carrier through conscious focus.

Since every buying decision is based upon emotion (and then justified with logic), what emotions are you focusing on when working with potential clients?  

Does one more thing have to change/get better before you can take your next biz building step; then your potential client’s will list all the reasons why they just can’t take action with you right now.

Have you confused can’t with won’t; if you won’t fight for your own success until you find a way through, then why would someone hire you? If you won’t do it for you, they can sense you can’t do it for them.

Are you distracting yourself and your business Success, with a “safe problem”; something that results in busyness instead of business?

TODAY: you are a Success looking for someplace to manifest. Use the Quality-Lead-Generating-Skills you were taught yesterday and make business happen TODAY.

Helping you to reach greater heights of Success with less effort,

Dawn and Drew

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