Ever talk out loud to nature/God/garden gnomes (hey, who am I to judge) when you think no one else is listening? 

This is what I was doing in my backyard; God, what do you want me to know right now? As I was contemplating what might come through I noticed her…

Our greyhound was trudging through the flowers I planted; here I am, trying to lovingly coax the splendor of summer blooms to continue in this freakin’ St. Louis heat, and there she is, plodding over the top of them and then Poopin’ on the Petunia’s

What an analogy for my life sometimes!  Here I am, trying to bring forth life in a project and somebody poops on it.

Let me interrupt the story ever so briefly with 3 thing’s you’ll need to know:

  1. Back to the Nude Beach showed you (haha, get it, showed you…OK, I’m focusing) an Imprint is a behavior that is a result of something you’ve experienced that had intense emotions attached to it. These behaviors become your habits (good or bad)

2. The imprint then leads to a Belief which is something you accepted as the truth whether it is or not. And if it’s a negative belief, you’ll continue to swim in circles with that belief through FEAR which is what the Legacy of the Shark Fin shared

3. None of this really matters though, until you experience a Trigger with Anchors. And then, just like flippin the switch on for your phone, TV, or stereo, your mind instantaneously starts the playback of your Belief and Imprints which leads you to a continued experience of pain from your past UNLESS you upgrade the Anchors!

Notice how I upgraded my anchors below, which then allowed me to influence my imprint for growth which made my belief (and my life) a whole lot better:

I learned that sometimes others crap can be the fertilizer I am looking for to make things happen. I remember the boss who told me 14 years ago that I would never make a living as a Hypnotherapist, so I might as well just stay put where I was.  His manure was what I needed for my garden of business growth; to prove him wrong and become a Success

There was the family member battling a drug addiction.  They needed to let go of what was polluting their life and to face the consequences.  I learned I could be a support for them without being one to clean up the mess (the pooper scooper).  In other words; I can love you without having to save you

Finally, every freakin mess I’ve experienced in my life has gone from mess to My Message. I mean, without those stories of struggle, what Success Stories would you be reading?

These life lessons helped me to learn that sometimes you cannot stop people, places, and things from walking into your garden and smashing down the growth.  Yet, you still are in charge because you control how long you permit them to stay in your garden.

I’m the one who possessed the final decision on whether or not I remained in my previous job.  It was a garden that had bloomed beautiful for me but the ground was now overworked.  It was time for me to move on to greener pastures.

The family member with the addiction; it was time for them to move on to their own plot of ground where they could learn the principle of what you sow is what you reap.

Today, I am the one who has the power to yell at my dog to get the hell out of my garden.  Or I can just sit there with my mouth open stating, “I cannot believe she’s doing that”.  Which one do you think protects my garden and moves me into progress?

I wonder how your garden is doing?  Can you sit quietly to discover who is doing the fertilizing?  Is the fertilizer needed right now for your continued growth?  Or is it just stinking up your current situation and you need to move them out of your garden.

As I ponder these questions, nature is now telling me another tale as I watch 2 doves delighting in the mating dance.  But that is a story for another day.  I think I’ll go see what Drew is doing….


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