Are Others Controlling You through Your Triggers?

It’s commercial time during your favorite program.  You’re not even hungry, yet you find yourself mindlessly grazing in the kitchen…the divorce has been final for awhile now, yet the thought of meeting your ex at the upcoming parent/teacher conference causes your stomach to knot up…your eldest left to go college months ago but you still pull all the way over to the right when you park in the driveway (to make room for their car that’s no longer there)…you swore you weren’t going to get upset, but every time you see someone blast your presidential candidate online, you feel the need to tell them just how wrong they are even though that just further polarizes everyone’s opinion… 

In my profession (I’m a Certified Hypnotist) these are known as triggers and anchors.  A trigger is a stimulus that brings about a reaction on your part that has become habitual because of repetition.  You have hundreds if not thousands of triggers/anchors that run your life and you are not even aware of them because they happen without your conscious mind choosing to react.

Your triggers and anchors can be neutral, positive or negative in their results.  Neutral would be parking over to one side in the driveway, positive can be seen in dealing with the ex as long as you convert that fear into energy for achievement, and negative is grazing when you’re not even hungry.  The focus of this article is to help you become aware of your triggers and anchors and how to put specific ones in place for your life’s enhancement.

Your first step is to decide what area of your life to improve.  Beware; the trap many fall into is trying to boost too many areas at once and multi tasking mediocrity gets in the way of your magnificence.  So, if you were going to pick just one area of your life to enrich over the next 3-13 weeks, what would it be; your health, money, relationships, career, spiritual path, etc?

Now you want to pick an item that will serve as your trigger.  This means that every time you experience it, you will automatically experience an action, emotion or thought for Success (this is your anchor). Here’s some examples from working with private Hypnosis clients; every time they see the color red, one negative behavior Stops and every time they see green, a positive Starts.  Or when they feel hunger pangs they drink a glass of water before eating, or when they see silly posts on social media, they hear little babies giggling outrageously (I particularly like this last one!). 

self hypnosis boxCould the TV commercials during your favorite show now anchor walking in place for physical fitness instead of grazing?  Could you tape a picture of a $1000 bill in your wallet so every time you open it you anchor “what do I need to do right now to increase my prosperity”?   Seeing flowers might remind you to call one person today and let them know how they’ve helped you bloom.   A picture of a ladder might ask you to think about what you need to do to advance your career or may trigger an even deeper question; is your Success Ladder even leaning against the right building? Could you adopt the Buddhist action assigned to new monks; that every person you meet, you bow to (mentally).  Might this trigger the anchor of viewing everyone/everything that comes your way as a lesson to be mastered instead of a circumstance to be endured?

How long do you need to consciously work at this? If you’re using self-hypnosis, one hypnosis session is all it takes. If you are just using waking awareness; 21 days of continuous action to start a habit and after 91 days you become what’s known as subconsciously competent (big words to mean that you no longer have to think about it as it occurs naturally for you).

Just what are your triggers and anchors and how do they serve or stifle you, bring you pain or pleasure?

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