You experience dozens of Yes OR No opportunities every single day.  Should you help out at your son’s school, should you visit your daughter this weekend at college, what about saying yes to the extra hours in building your business, then there is that new personal development workshop you’ve been thinking about signing up for, and what about the volunteer committee at church that needs help…

How do you know when to say yes and when to say no?  I’m sharing a simple four step process that can take you from confusion to clarity when faced with multiple opportunities.

1. Is this opportunity something YOU want to do?

In your past you have said yes to a request because you felt your compliance was expected.  Say yes when you really mean no and your subconscious mind will dismiss it.  Say yes twice and your subconscious mind begins to pay attention.  Three times and you are beginning to establish a habit and pattern of supporting others at your expense.  It’s time to begin a new habit and pattern that supports you and your success.  Say Yes to You!

2. Is this opportunity in alignment with your primary goals and values?

Many times you can be faced with 2 opportunities that actually seem to oppose each other; working extra weekend hours because business is hot right now versus helping a friend move.  Knowing your top 3 values and their corresponding goals for this time in your life can rapidly clear up confusion on what is important to YOU (remember rule #1).

Values are simply emotional states where, when you experience them, you are at your very best.  Your goals are the benefits you receive by living your values.  It’s time for you to grow into your goals and become the person you were intended to be.  So, when faced with 2 opportunities, which one supports you at your very best?   It’s time to say “Yes” to what You Desire!

3. Will others be unhappy with your decision because it is asking them to grow also?

There is a difference with saying yes to an opportunity that encompasses growth for all, and one that takes away the rights of others.

Not everyone will appreciate your answer of “No, I can’t do that”, and that is going to have you feeling uncomfortable.  Keep in mind your level of success is dependent on how comfortable you are with being uncomfortable.  The other people involved or impacted by your decision would rather stay where they are than risk the change that growth can bring.

Growth means stepping out into the unknown and the possibility of failure, and no one wants to fail.  One of the biggest differences between people who have achieved success and those who haven’t; successful people fail faster.  How fast can you fail and get it out of the way?

4. First the decision, then the how.

Many people feel that before they can say yes to an opportunity, they have to have it “all figured out” on how they will accomplish it.  But that is not how your brain works!

There is a part of your mind known as the Reticular Activating System (RAS). The function of your RAS is to notice the “how can I make this happen” once you’ve made a decision.  That is THE KEY; it only figures out the how once you’ve made the decision of “yes”.  So, make your decision of “Yes To YOU” so the how will now show up!


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