How to Move from Pissed into Empowered Progress when They Do This ________ (fill in with your favorite-this-is-what’s-wrong-with-people/my family/friends/clients-and-coworkers, etc)

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1 second– Here’s a piece of utterly worthless and useless advice

1 minute– Why supposedly inspirational platitudes are ineffective at improving your life

2 minutes– The quality of your life is dependent upon this

3 minutes– What are they’re doing that sets you off

5:39– It’s not your fault

7:55– The 7 Steps to Taking Your Emotional Power Back

9:27– How triggers hold you back

11:10– How you reap the results of your past painful conditioning and then trigger it in others

12:50– Customize this process for your Potential and Power

15:15– Your Pyramid of Power or Problems

17:07– You’re only OK as long as this is happening

19:29– We all want to feel this

21:17– Crying out for this

23:10– Connecting through pain

26:34– Turning Your Process around for Empowerment

27:20– You can’t change this

28:03- What would you have to believe, feel and reframe for this to happen

29:50- What new emotional value will you now choose

31:50– They’re taking this from you

32:12– Will you allow your painful past to continue to define the quality of your life OR will you use the 7 Steps to Refine You based on the Results You Want to Experience

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Supporting (and Celebrating) Your Success,

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