It’s not the Stress that’s hurting you, that’s just the symptom

Whether it’s the get-it-over-elections, the stock market, rising prices, job worries, or a host of other reasons, more people than ever need assistance managing their stress levels.

The challenge comes in when you want to change the stress that’s hurting you without changing the cause

What happens when you become stressed, how do you manage its symptoms? Do you take a pill, zone out in front of the TV, stuff it away with your favorite snack? When the pill wears off, the TV is finally turned off and the snack bag is empty, you are still going to be faced with the cause.

What to do next…

It has been found that it is not the amount of stress that we are under than leads to long-term detrimental health conditions

Instead it is how we perceive the stress and just as important, feeling as if we have any control over it.

Look at the 4 steps below and see which one you can work with right now to start dealing with the source of your stress instead of just treating the symptoms

1. Accept what is. Yes, you are stressed right now.

Quit denying it, stop trying to cover it up or rationalize it by saying, “but others have it worse that me.” Just admit that things are really as bad as they are. No amount of positive thinking, right actions, affirmations or the like is going to change the fact that you are human and sometimes things are going to be great and others times it will be absolutely awful. Admit you are human so you can move on.

2. Do you set yourself up to fail?

There was a gentleman who needed medical care immediately. He set himself up for failure though, by insisting that he could only seek this care if there was no copay involved, nothing was to be spent out of his pocket (this was not how his insurance was set up). For a few dollars, he would have received the care he needed without having to wait. Instead he chose self sabotage by make impossible demands that could not be met. What impossible demands are you making that keep you in a state of stress?

3. Is there a lesson to be learned that you are refusing to accept?

Maybe you need to; find a different job, take on an additional job for needed income, leave that toxic relationship, start exercising… Begin to see the world for the way it really is instead of the way you would wish it to be.

4. What needs are you ignoring?

We all have needs that, for whatever reason, we have pushed aside. Yet we will subconsciously draw in people, places and situations that point to this unmet need time and time again. Nothing will fill this void for you, not your significant other, your job, your bank account balance…nothing but you. What need is calling out for your attention?

Your mind has been programmed to stop when you try to take care of yourself!

You’ve been conditioned to take care of others; at the expense of yourself. It’s not doing Success when it’s easy; it’s continuing to implement when it’s hard. And that’s the challenge, Success was there but you stopped. Fear will shut you down.

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you, it will repeat that habit and pattern, stopping you faster each time you go for yor goals. And now you have 2 problems; you’ve been programmed to take care of others and you have the habit of hurting yourself when seeking your own Success!

80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8

Take a moment and think of this; 80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8. This conditioning was not based on your brilliance, but instead it was the what and who others needed you to be for their lives to be OK.

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress; you’ll be able to provide for yourself that will in turn, help you to better care for those you care about!

How does Hypnosis accomplish this? By going to the home of your conditioning and programming, and upgrading it for what you want to receive and achieve.

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