Is Your Self-Care Directionally Challenged?

How well do you take K.A.R.E. of yourself?  No, I am not talking about what food you are eating, how much exercise you are getting or those monthly massages.  This type ofExploring background with compass kare encircles so much more.   It is the compass of your life, your vessel of transformation; Knowledge, Action, Results, and Emotion.

Are you looking for your ship to finally come in?  Well, if one part is overlooked or missing, your ship may never have the necessary coordinates to return back to port, instead getting caught in the changing tides of life and drifting in circles aimlessly.

Imagine the points on a compass N, S E and W.  Now substitute those points: West is K for Knowledge, North is A for Action, East is R for Results and South is E for Emotions.

How well is your compass in life pointing you in the right direction?

Knowledge; many have said that knowledge is power but this is incomplete.  Knowledge is bits and pieces of information waiting to be organized, acted on, reviewed, and then earnestly examined for corresponding results.  This is true power.

 If you are missing the K on your compass your life may appear like this:  an event takes place and you have a knee jerk reaction that results in someone jerking their knee right back at you. This just ticks you off even more and the cycle continues.

 With knowledge (awareness and information) taking it’s rightful place among your points, you now have an understanding that moves you from reaction to response-able (responsibility) action. Remember, reactions are based on past pain, responses are based on future impact.

 Action; the process of doing something to move you towards a goal.  Whether it is getting up off the couch during the TV commercial to get a snack, or the director giving the star her cue to perform, something has to happen, energy must be expelled.

 With action missing from the top of your compass, your circle is bottom heavy….just as you are likely to be if you don’t get up and get moving!

 Results; the consequence of your action.  This is the time to review what has happened.  Did you receive the desired outcome?  If your answer is yes, then how can you repeat your actions to get more of what you want?

 Missing this part of your compass results in your circle being side heavy as though it was pregnant.  Your life may resemble this, full of possibilities and promise.  You just never seem to give birth to what it is you truly desire.

 Emotion; this is what anchors the other directions on your compass.  The roots of emotion can be found in both French and Latin meaning to move or to stir.  What moves you, what stirs your soul?  Many people reserve this for the major goals in their life but it pertains to everything that you do.

Every action you take is based on your subconscious desire of either moving you  towards pleasure or away from pain. If your compass is missing this mooring, then you may drift in circles, missing the awareness of what you are doing (Knowledge), repeating the same hollow habits (Action) and when your ship does finally come in it’s empty (Results).

Can you feel it?  The winds of change are coming.  Are you ready to get out your compass, map your course, take the helm, set your sail into the wind and glide across the sea of life?  Or are you still dry docked?

Supporting Your Success and Smooth Sailing,


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