“If I can buy a book that tells me what to do, why would I want to buy a mentor ( coach or hypnotist)?” This is a question a potential client is going to ask 

you at some point…it’s the same question I was asked a couple of weeks ago at a networking luncheon. And I want you to be prepared in helping that potential client make the best choice for the result they want.

As a backdrop; the woman who was asking me was someone I had met two years prior. The struggles she’s experiencing in her life today; having enough time, designing her life her way, charging what she’s worth and getting it, are the same struggles she had when I first met her.  She reminded me of who I was, and where I was just a few years ago.

I think it’s a really valid question, wanting to make sure that we’re getting the best value for our investment.  

As I have already mentioned, I was this woman at one point in my business. I was the one always signing up for the free reports, listening in on the free tele-classes, always signing up for the complementary coaching calls, and the first one there at the free presentation.

You would think that for all the hours, weeks, and months I spent in amassing information that my life was taking off. But it was the exact opposite.  All I had to show for that time was notes scattered about on pieces of paper in place of the Success I was looking  for. Why? Because no one explained to me the difference between investing in a book, or investing in an information product, and investing in a mentor.  Each one has a different end result.

So let’s look at those end results so you can answer this question when your potential client asks you…

Investing in a book. Books tell us stories. They share how the author has experienced problems and setbacks and then worked through them, culminating in success.

These stories let us know that we are not alone, there are others out there like us and if they were able to do it so can we.  But what most books leave out are the exact strategies, Word for Word scripts, and “done for you” templates that the author used to achieve success. The end result; stories will motivate you but they do not give you the processes needed for your progress.


Investing in an information product. Information products give us processes. They are the next step above a book because they will usually use part of the author’s  story and how the author learned how to put together their success systems.

But what information products leave out is the fact that you may not learn the way the author does. This shows up quite frequently when I hear someone say they are supposed to design a vision board. That’s great if you happen to be a visual learner but what happens if you are kinesthetic (emotion) or auditory (hearing)? The end result; information products will give you processes but they are customized to the author not you.

Quite frankly, if the above 2 items worked, because of the sheer number of books and info products sitting on your client’s shelf (and maybe yours), they should already have achieved Success.

Investing in a mentor/coach/hypnotist.  Mentors combine stories with systems for success. A great mentor will make sure that the story of going from struggle to success is your story (not theirs). They will make sure that the processes and systems they give you are customized to you and the way you experience life. A great mentor will help you upgrade your skills and habits, optimize your environment both within and without, as well as mastering the mindset that is needed for your next level of success.

But beware. Some mentors are great while others are just good. How do you tell the difference?

A good mentor will talk process; a great mentor gets desired end results. A good mentor will tell you how to put together a system, a great mentor will give you the system in “done for you” templates, Word for Word scripts, and strategies printed out. A good mentor will be within your budget, a great mentor will require you to stretch to afford them because they know it’s time you stepped out of your comfort zone and into revealing the real you.

So what will be the best that money can buy for your potential client and/or you right now?  Need motivation-buy a book.  Want a process-get an info product.  Desire to Achieve your next level of Success (that has been eluding you)-Invest in a Mentor.


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