Hypnosis Pain Control As An Alternative To Opioids

We’ve all heard of the dangers of using opioids for pain, but what’s an alternative? Discover a new answer as Dawn Ferguson, CI, CH and President of the National Guild of Hypnotists St. Louis Chapter discusses this with Dr. Thoma in;

Hypnosis Pain Control As An Alternative To Opioids”.  This is the audio recording of our virtual National Guild of Hypnotists meeting that we are making available to you!

Our presenter is Dr. Thoma, Chiropractic physician and Certified Hypnosis Instructor through the NGH with a patent pending for his specialized hypnosis process. He owns several businesses in the St. Louis area and speaks nationally to professional groups in the medical, hypnosis, and business industries. His vast knowledge ranges from medical technology, holistic medicine, to business and beyond.

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