Small Biz Steps to BIG Biz ____ (fill in the blank with failure or Success)

Do you sit passively when you take the time to visualize the achievement of your business goals?

When you make those follow up sales calls, are you seated with your shoulders slumped and your breathing shallow?

What about those 1-to-1 meetings, are they held in a place that’s noisy, hurried and stressed?

All of these things can lead to chaos and failure in your business…why? Because what you experience on the outside, you will assimilate on the inside until it becomes you. In other words; what we repeatedly do, we become.

In fact, Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” And if excellence is a habit, so is failure. But failure can be so insidious; it can creep into your business life without your conscious awareness.

For example, your business goals. When you take a few moments to imagine them as achieved, are you sitting quietly? Your brain then links achievement with passivity so in the future, when you decide to go after that desired achievement, your brain says, better just sit here and think about it.

What about those follow up calls where you are asking for the business? Are you seated, shoulders slumped over, eyes cast down and breathing shallow? Think of the way someone who is depressed sits. Have you ever thought the two of you have the same posture? Science has proven that just adopting a slumped posture will produce stress toxins in your physical body!

What’s the location like for your 1-to-1 meetings? Is it a local coffee shop where people are rushing through their lunch so they can rush to get back to work? What’s the underlying message there that business is simply hurrying from one activity to the next?

So, what can you do to set you and your business up for Success? Here are 3 tips and tools that you can begin to use immediately and program you for achievement.

1. In addition to the quiet time to visualize your goals, do so while moving powerfully. For example, I walk my

two greyhounds at least once a day. I enjoy the time outdoors and with them. This is an ideal time for me to visualize the achievement of my goals. This way I am linking enjoyment and movement to achievement! I also utilize this process during intense times of exercise. This binds pushing through feelings of being uncomfortable with the pride of accomplishment. Now I’ve programed goal achievement to enjoyment, movement and pushing through feeling uncomfortable.

2. When making those follow up phone calls: stand up, head held high, gaze held above the horizon, deep easy breathes and a smile on your face. This posture, when held for several minutes, has shown to produce endorphins that cause you to feel wonderful. Whether you’re feeling tense or terrific, it comes through the phone. Who would you rather do business with?

3. Your environment directly impacts your performance. This is why high producing companies that have the standard gray cubicles now allow their employees to dress them up in fun and creative ways. Your choice of a meeting place will have the same impact on you, your meetings and their end results.

I will hold one-to-one meetings at a local coffee shop, but my first choice is my office. Simply because my office is filled with the memories of helping thousands of clients (personally and professionally) achieve their goals. This puts me in the mindset of, “what can I do to help you!”

There is a local coffee shop that I will not use because the people behind the counter are rude and make you feel like you are imposing on them. Is this the feeling you want to experience going into a business meeting? When I do meet at a coffee shop, I make sure the location is one that is full of other successful business people conducting successful meetings.

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