How well do you receive?  Let’s start with compliments.  If I were to say, “You look great today” your reply could be “thanks, I feel great” or “that’s surprising, considering everything I have going on”.  How about “you did that job really well”.  Would you say, “thanks, I really love my career” or “my part was just a small one”.  And let’s up the stakes some.  How well do you receive help when it’s offered?  “I can see you’re having some difficulties with____.  Can I help?”  Do you choose, “thank you, I didn’t know what I was going to do” or “no, no, I’ve got it”.

If you don’t have the abundance and prosperity in your life right now, abundance that benefits you, you may be a poor receiver.  And this doesn’t just apply to our financial situations.  How are your family/intimate relationships, how well is school/career going, what about those projects around the house.

Some of us are just more comfortable giving than receiving.  Notice I didn’t say “giving and taking”, I said receiving.  But, we’ve all been around others who took more than their fair share.  Maybe it left us with an imprint that receiving can be selfish, when it’s the taking out of turn that should get the bad rap.  Could we view receiving as a way to humble ourselves in the eyes of others (evident when we accept a compliment with negativity).

Compliments can be seen as beautiful flowers.  And if someone offered you a lightly fragranced blossom, would you turn it away saying, “No, I’m not good enough for it”.  Can you see how the offering of the blossom to you has as much beauty for the giver as the receiver?

And then there is the big one, the receiving of assistance.  Do you feel weak, as though you shouldn’t need anyone else?  Think back to the last time you offered someone help.  Didn’t it feel good, that you were in a position to give a hand up (not a hand out) to someone who needed it?  So, someone offering you help now, could it be just as much for them, helping them to feel good, as it is about you?

There is a difference between receiving and allowing in our lives.  One definition of allowing is; to permit, to let it happen.  For example, I allowed her to come in late.  This designates some control in the situation, I’m placing some conditions on it.  Is this how you’re treating the abundance and prosperity in your life?

Receiving is to take in.  An example; I have a client who owes me a fee yet has not paid it.  And when I use her place of business, she always tries to give me a discount.  The last time I told her stop, all I want is for her to pay the fee she owes.  Boy, that’s poor receiving.  What I’m telling my abundance and prosperity is “I’ll give you the conditions for coming into my life”.  Why not receive the discount and the possibility of her repaying me.  And if she doesn’t, I’ll at least have the discount.  But I was afraid that if I “allowed” her to give me the discount, she wouldn’t need to feel the debt should be repaid.  Why can’t I be open to receiving both?

We get what we are open to.  Are you open to your abundance and prosperity coming into your life without conditions, letting yourself just take it in as it comes.  Or, do you place conditions on it, just as you do with compliments you receive?  What areas of your life could you benefit from more receiving and less allowing.  The choice is always yours.  And, may I say, you look lovely today.

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