Chances are, you’ve attended one of these: an educational based marketing event, an irresistible free offer, or as we used to call them, an open house. You see it in the financial industry where they invite you for dinner with a group and during the meal, talk about the gaps in your financial plan. Or maybe you’ve attended one online for building your business; a telecall or webinar where the presenter gives ideas on building your business and then asks you to buy their program. This is a marketing strategy that works well if you know how to market instead of sell.

In this 57 minute audio, Dawn and Drew cover the needed pieces for this type of event, so that you can bless the lives of others Successful people at the conferencewhile you build your bank account. You will learn:

What 3 things must be present for a successful event (miss one and you will do a lot of work for little return).

How to bless the lives of your potential clients with education (if they don’t buy now, they will keep you top of mind so when they say yes, it is yes to you)

The difference between upsell and cross-sell (and what to offer when so you don’t short change your clients or your cash flow).

How to plan your event so it serves your audience without overwhelming them (you are here to solve a specific problem, not to give them your entire system).

The 4 step process to easily advertise any event (how to become client attractive and talked about).

Plus so much more! Listen now:

So, what event will you hold that will Bless Others and Build Your Bank Account?

Dawn & Drew

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