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Your mind has been programmed to stop when you try to take care of yourself! Why? Because you’ve been conditioned to take care of others; at the expense of yourself. It’s not doing Success when it’s easy; it’s continuing to implement when it’s hard. And that’s the challenge, Success was there but you stopped. Fear will shut you down.

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you, it will repeat that habit and pattern, stopping you faster each time you go for your goals. And now you have 2 problems; you’ve been programmed to take care of others and you have the habit of hurting yourself when seeking your own Success!

Take a moment and think of this; 80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8. This conditioning was not based on your brilliance, but instead it was the what and who others needed you to be for their lives to be OK.

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress; you’ll be able to provide for yourself that will in turn, help you to better provide for those you care about!

How does Hypnosis accomplish this? By going to the home of your conditioning and programming and upgrading it for what you want to receive and achieve.

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