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FREE Biz Training Audio: How to Take Potential Clients from Interested into Invested

If you are a Entrepreneur, Coach or Consultant then it’s time to STOP driving away clients with sales presentations and move into Strategy Sessions that Sell.

In this FREE Training Audio, discover:

>>> What you must do to see an immediate increase in your sales over the next 30 days?

>>> How many contacts it will take to get to “YES” for the majority of your business?

>>> Why a sales presentation can limit you to just 3% of possible sales and why a strategy session is what your potential clients really want.

>>> The EXACT questions you must ask your potential clients so they say “YES” to their success through you.

>>> And More:

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WHO ARE WE? Dawn and Drew Ferguson, Business Coaches with a twist, we are Certified Hypnotist’s.  We are going to teach you the Secrets of Selling through the Subconscious Mind.  Learn how to help your clients and your business reach greater heights of Success with less effort.

This is what we are offering you in this COMPLIMENTARY Audio Training:

How to Take Potential Clients from Interested into Invested!

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This training audio is no longer available. Please join us for our next No-Charge LIVE Event (either in-person or virtual) so you can reach greater heights of business success with less effort!

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