Failure is the price you pay for success

These were the words of wisdom that Drew relayed to me.  Yes, deep thoughts straight from the fortune cookie he held in his hand.

I have an area of my life that I repeatedly fail at. So, I decided to view those failures as seen through the advice in the fortune cookie.

1. Price

Failure is the price I’m paying.  But is the price to high?  Here in the last few months I’ve tried many things to increase my business of helping others. Most of them didn’t work. What was the price I’ve paid?

I’ve held “free” presentations. Some did not bring me any additional business, but I was able to help someone who didn’t have the funds to see me privately.  I’ve gone to networking meetings letting others know my business exists.  Some did not result in any business but I’ve met others I normally would not have known.  I’ve written extra, read extra, done extra but I haven’t always experienced extra results.

The price is not too high, though.  I’ve become better at what I do; I have increased my knowledge and experience by all this. In all, I’ve become a better me. This in contrast to a few years back where I was in a relationship where the price was too high.  I sacrificed my self-worth, self-esteem and self-image, hoping for better results between me and the person I was with.  Reminds me of the definition of insanity; continuing to do what you’ve always done while expecting different results.

2. Whom am I paying this price to?

I’m doing many new things right now to help my business grow.  Some are working, most are not.  Whatever I’m doing though, benefits me.  I’m the one that is paying the tuition and I’m the one receiving it.  With every failure and success I’m learning something new about me.

There have been times in my life though, where the tuition was paid to someone else. I was trying to change me to fit their idea of what I should be. These situations never worked out because I wasn’t the benefactor, they were. If I’m going to live the life of my dreams, it’s going to be my dream and not someone else’s.

3. What is the success that I’m striving for, the achievement I desire that I‘m willing to experience failure for?

When Drew and I work with clients we ask them how their life will be different, now that they’ve achieved their success. Many times they don’t know! If you don’t know what you’re aiming for, how will you know when you hit it?

I know exactly what I want and when. In fact, I recently missed the deadline for one of my goals. Now what to do…admit that it didn’t work, that what I tried failed.  What to do next?  I could get rid of the goal all together and give up. Instead I’m reviewing what I’ve learned that works, what doesn’t and moving on. My goal has not changed, just the date for acquiring it.

Your mind has been programmed to stop when you try to take care of yourself!

You’ve been conditioned to take care of others; at the expense of yourself. It’s not doing Success when it’s easy; it’s continuing to implement when it’s hard. And that’s the challenge, Success was there but you stopped. Fear will shut you down.

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you, it will repeat that habit and pattern, stopping you faster each time you go for yor goals. And now you have 2 problems; you’ve been programmed to take care of others and you have the habit of hurting yourself when seeking your own Success!

80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8

Take a moment and think of this; 80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8. This conditioning was not based on your brilliance, but instead it was the what and who others needed you to be for their lives to be OK.

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress; you’ll be able to provide for yourself that will in turn, help you to better care for those you care about!

How does Hypnosis accomplish this? By going to the home of your conditioning and programming, and upgrading it for what you want to receive and achieve.

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