[free mp3 training download] How many times have you attended a biz building workshop or intensive with the intention of learning a new biz building skill


You had to wait weeks or even month’s before you realized a pay-off


Because you’ve been conditioned to learn OR earn BUT not both at the same time!

This out-dated way of biz-building needs to be upgrade now so you can learn AND earn with your gifted audio training:

(even when you’re the student) How to Monetize and Maximize the Biz Building Events You Attend

You can listen to this 51 minute training audio by utilizing the player below OR click the download link to save to your device (this way you can re-listen as you need a refresher) 

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What you’ll discover

–> The 3 musts to be able to make make money from networking events

–> Why a portion of your sales have nothing to do with your marketing

–> The 3 stages of client development

–> How a networking event is different from a biz training event and how can you monetize the latter, quickly (hint: it’s not just the skills you learn, it’s how you leverage your relationships) 

–> Your Marketing Monetization Formula for Every Biz Building Event You Attend

–> How to make money with JV’s, Collaborations and Affiliations

–> What’s your Value Proposition when working with a Referral Partner

–> Your Plan of Action to Monetize and Maximize Your Events

(p.s. this is one piece of a 6-part/6-figure biz building system. want the other 5 steps? then click HERE) 

Here’s to Your Biz Building Success,

Dawn and Drew

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