Let’s say you have a child who needs a certain diet to stay healthy. But the needed fare is not easy to find. Would you ask one or two people who reply no, they can’t help you and then give up? I’m guessing you would do whatever it takes to keep your son or daughter nourished.dontaskdontget

Why would you treat your business with any less loving kindness? Yet we see it every day, businesses that are literally starving to death because the people within are not asking for what the business needs to be nourished. This is just not about asking for the sale, it affects every area of your company.

Recently Drew and I needed to move our offices because our location was just too small. I asked our current landlord what they had available in the amount I was willing to invest. Here it is the beginning of April and we are in a much larger space and within the parameters of what we wanted to spend. It would not have happened though, if I did not ask for what my business needed.

The lease was also due on the company car. We could not decide whether to buy it outright or lease a brand new one. After a trip to the dealership and asking for what I wanted, I am now driving a new car, that just like the new office, fits into what the company could afford.  I asked and I received.

Finally, there was the search last month for a new transcription assistant. I posted what the company needed in order to be nourished in this area and I found someone (same day) who fit that description.

To receive what your business needs, you need to ask. So here are 3 steps to begin your business uplevel from surviving to thriving through asking.

1. Best case/ worst case scenario

Negotiation is not a 4 letter word (it’s actually 11). All kidding aside, you are going to need to know exactly what you want and what you are willing to collaborate on. Whether it is hiring a new employee and working out their benefits package, to asking the potential client to hire you, asking for what you want is not enough. You need to be ready when the other party says no to your original ask question. How can you work out the situation to where both parties benefit?

Keep in mind, sometimes the other person says no because you have not…

2. Have you shown the value?

We can take “no” as a personal rejection when it is simply because we haven’t shown how our offer will improve the recipients quality of life.

You’ve heard the old adage: everybody is tuned into this station all the time: WIIFM (what’s in it for me). And it’s the truth. The subconscious mind, which makes all the buying decisions, bases its choice on how the transaction will benefit them personally. Those benefits need to be presented in the form of solutions, not process. Let me give you an example:

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But maybe you aren’t getting the chance to show the value or negotiate because…

3. “You do not have because you do not ask (God)” James 2:4

Yes, I’m quoting scripture, but how more truthful can you get. If you do not ask for what you want, how can you ever hope to receive it? And if you get a no, you either ask them for what they would need to make their response a yes or you ask someone who can give you that yes. (swswswsw: some will, some won’t, so what, someone’s waiting)

Where do you need to ask for what your business needs? Is it being more consistent asking for the sale (always have 2 level of service/products you can offer)? What about requesting referrals and testimonials (a great time for this is right after they’ve experienced success with you)? Do you need your assistant to step more into their role of supporting you (ask them to list their strengths and then ask them how they can bring more of those to the business)? Maybe it is asking your family to be understanding as you spend the next month focusing more on your business and less on them (putting a time limit on helps them to say yes).

Now I’m asking you to leave a comment: share with us something you’ve asked for, received and how you asked for it that made the difference. In other words, I’m asking you to be the inspiration for someone else.

Supporting Your Success,


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