Hypnosis for Worthy End Results; Do you really want more of THAT?

What is the latest lament about your life?

Are you not getting the praise and recognition you deserve for a job well done? Maybe your lover has been preoccupied with their life and hasn’t given you the cuddle time that you thrive on? Could it be that your company cut back, and now you’re doing the job of two people instead of one (but there’s no extra money in your paycheck)? Then use hypnosis for healthy boundaries!

Or are you like my recent client,

who wanted to follow the passion of her dream but just didn’t have the time to do it…

In my 30 minute mentoring call with her, she spent half of her time telling me about her dream of helping others. The other half was devoted to why she didn’t have the time to turn her dream into a reality. Her complaints about time had a dose of reality to them. But there is another part to her prescription for happiness. For her, and maybe for you, this can be a bitter pill to swallow because this part says you are contributing to your own problem.

Love, appreciation, money, time, and any other worthy end result is achieved through the habits you have in place.

It is the part of your mind known as the subconscious that runs your habits. So it is your subconscious mind that is in charge of bringing you what you desire. But the subconscious mind operates according to certain rules.

One of the biggest operating rules for your subconscious, is that it does not judge or analyze (that is in the domain of your conscious mind).

It is the role of your subconscious mind to bring into fruition whatever You Focus On.

So if your day is filled with focusing on what you do not have, like my client did with time, then it is up to your subconscious mind to make sure you don’t have time. If you focus on unmet needs, your subconscious mind will just bring about more neediness. Focus on what you don’t have and you’ll just get more of it.

Let’s Look at Your Success Steps to transform your unfulfilled needs into your exceptional strengths.

Step One; where are you at currently? This is where you identify what is missing in your life.

Step Two; where do you want to be? This part of the process that focuses on what you do want in your life.

Step Three; ask your subconscious mind to reveal everything you can be doing to make number two your reality.

This reprograms your subconscious to look for the opportunities in your everyday life, that you might be missing now. Why would you be missing these opportunities? Because you have programmed your subconscious mind to focus on the lack and what’s missing. Now it’s time to reprogram it for prosperity and abundance.

While the above three success steps are easy to understand, it will take some effort on your part to implement them.

Your mind will always seek the path of least resistance, when left to its own devices. Focusing on the negative is easy for you because you have done it for so long. Want to know how long it will take before you begin to see results from your efforts? Up to 13 weeks because that is how long it takes to develop a new habit and pattern. 

The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your habits. Just what habitual thoughts, feelings and actions are you experiencing?

Your mind has been programmed to stop when you try to take care of yourself!

You’ve been conditioned to take care of others; at he expense of yourself. It’s not doing Success when it’s easy; it’s continuing to implement when it’s hard. And that’s the challenge, Success was there but you stopped. Fear will shut you down.

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you

Once your subconscious mind learns how to stop you, it will repeat that habit and pattern, stopping you faster each time you go for yor goals. And now you have 2 problems; you’ve been programmed to take care of others and you have the habit of hurting yourself when seeking your own Success!

80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8

Take a moment and think of this; 80% of who you are as an adult was programmed into your mind by age 8. This conditioning was not based on your brilliance, but instead it was the what and who others needed you to be for their lives to be OK.

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress

Hypnosis will upgrade that programming into Progress; you’ll be able to provide for yourself that will in turn, help you to better care for those you care about!

How does Hypnosis accomplish this? By going to the home of your conditioning and programming, and upgrading it for what you want to receive and achieve.

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