Do you have to believe in gravity for it to work?

Of course not! You don’t even have to know about it or understand it; just ask any kid who has ever tied a bath towel around their neck like a cape and jumped off the back of the couch hoping to fly. Didn’t know, didn’t understand and gravity still kicked in. 

Now to my point; there is something you really want and yet you’re locked in a struggle pattern trying to get it. Why? 

Because there are laws that govern success that cannot be broken (just like gravity). It doesn’t matter if you don’t know or understand, they’re still working either for you OR against you. Let’s use them in a in a way that will boost you into success.

Here are 2 (of the 9) Prosperity/Poverty Laws:

#1 You are always seeking More Life  

Your mind, your body, your emotions are always seeking ways to expand.

BUT that expansion can show up in one of two ways; either growth or decay. It’s at this point where our clients ask us what it means to have more life but in a decay form.  Any type of disease is more life, but on the decay side!

You’ve probably tried to achieve more life through growth by; writing down your goals, creating a vision board, chanting affirmations, carrying a goal card tucked into your wallet, using visualizations, thinking positive and more.

Maybe you’re getting some results; maybe it’s a roller coaster, maybe nothing at all. It will be a struggle as long as you have a b.b.s. (bad belief system) that says; you have to work long and hard, you’re not good enough, you have to give up to get, you’re too old/too young/over-qualified/not enough experience/wrong side of the tracks/too smart…

You’ve been conditioned to experience the world through a paradox. You want more but it might hurt, so avoid it. Confused beliefs produce confused resultsYou must upgrade your beliefs to be in agreement with what you desire.

This leads us to…

#2 Like creates like   

Plant tomato seeds and you reap a tomato harvest. Plant seeds of doubt, un-worthiness, confusion, distraction and you reap a struggle.

Here’s where you have an opportunity for more life through growth. Those seeds were not planted by you! The garden was originally cultivated by the authority figures in your life as you were growing up.

You’re committed to problems because you’ve been programmed for that type of result. You don’t see with your eyes, they only take in data. You see through your memories of the familiar, which just produces more of the same.

You want to realize that every obstacle is really an opportunity for your growth, every distraction is a call for focus, every frustration is unrealized potential, and all fears can be converted into energy for achievement!

Experiencing YOUR dreams-into-reality. NOT learning about it, thinking about it, reading about it, and hoping for it. Upgrade your beliefs and you’ll accelerate your Success.

What will get in your way of turning your dreams into reality; see #1 and then #2. Nothing will change until you transform.

Dawn and Drew

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