You Cannot Judge What’s in You by What’s Around You

What’s your dream for this holiday season? What about moving into 2019; what promises are waiting for you?whats-in-around

Do not make the mistake of the mediocre masses. You cannot judge what’s in you by what’s around you!

Your dream is free BUT Success always requires a price to be paid. Many think that the cost is sacrifice and it’s this mindset that keeps them stuck in struggle. Your true investment is discipline. Choosing to see burdens as benefits in disguise, meant to bring you out at your best.

Your subconscious is obedient to the law of proof; looking for evidence to either convict you through crisis and chaos or to promote you through perseverance in using your potential.

The secret to a great holiday season, heck, a great life; is loving. The secret to loving is growing to give you at your best. Not easy when you’re already under stress this season and those buttons that can be pushed are already popping through the surface.

Yes, your circumstance will contradict your calling to be better. But you hold the greatest gift of all; the gift of choice. Will you continue to recreate what you have had enough of? Or are you accepting the challenge to truly be changed?

Health, Wealth and Happiness are waiting for you now and into 2017. But you need to be at the place where nothing is more important to you than become who you’re meant to be.

And if you can’t believe you can do it, that’s OK. Just borrow the faith Drew and I have in you until your passion, power and success becomes your reality!

Thank you for allowing us the honor to be a part of who you really are!

Dawn and Drew

P.S. Our Gift to You…