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How to Bring Love Back…Anger, frustration, betrayal…Your relationships can create love and trust issues that can last a lifetime. If you can’t change the other person, and continuing to tolerate bad behavior is no longer acceptable…

What Do You Do?  

You’re taught to be selfless, humble, to do good. Then what do you do when

>>> Those closest to you only want you around to handle their problems…what about you, why can’t they have your back? You’re angry because you’re in a relationship with a taker.

>>> You try to give others the benefit of the doubt, some leeway when a misstep is made…then why do they seem to enjoy pointing out your flaws and mistakes? You’re frustrated because you’re working within a double standard.

>>> Your partner (life or business) no longer takes interest in what you do and/or need…you’re beginning to think they’re just using you for their own purpose. You feel betrayed because you can no longer trust them to hold you as significant and worthy.

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bring love back


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bring love back

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