Are We There Yet (to Success)?

Are we there (to Success) yet?

The excitement was reaching a fevered pitch. The four of us kids were piled into the back of my parents land yacht, embarking on our bi-yearly road trip vacation!

Bouncing up and down in the back seat (because there weren’t any seat-belts in those days to keep us pinned down), kicking the seat in front of us and in unison chanting “are we there yet, how much longer, are we there yet, how much longer”. All of this and we hadn’t even pulled out of the driveway yet.

“Am I there yet (to success)? How much longer?” This is what I heard just last week from one of my coaching clients. We’re all grown up now, but there’s a part of us that still wants to know how long our journey is going to take.

Here’s the difference; when we were young, we were given answers on how long the trip was going to be, but we didn’t understand those answers. Now that we are an adult, we’d understand the answer, but it’s a challenge to find someone to tell us how long it’s going to take. I’m going to help you with that today.

There is a proven science of; the length of time you will try to talk yourself out of a new goal, the amount of days that you’ll need to take continuous action to move through your resistance and how long you must persist at your goal before you begin reaping your results.

91 Days

One quarter of one of your year is how long it takes for a habit to go from conscious thought to subconscious habit.  91 days is how long it takes to go from a foot path through the woods in your mind to a super highway moving creativity, ideas, achievement and results at high velocity.  Highways are only established though, when there’s a need for them, when traffic has become so crowded that your Success needs new ways of traveling from home, out into the world and back again.  How to do this?  Read on to…

Chunk it Correctly

What is the most manageable step you can break your goal into?  That’s right, how low can you go (this works for doing the limbo, too).   Are you looking to get into shape? How about 1 minute of physical exercise like walking, per day?  Wanting a new career; send out one resume per day.  Desiring a slimmer waistline, eat healthy for one meal per day.  You can always do more, but it needs to be at your minimum of one per day.

Yes, I can hear your moans and groans that you’ve read all this way to find this strange advice.  Surely this won’t work, you say?   Yes it will and my name is not Surely. 

Remember, I’m hypnotist and my specialty is how your mind works (either for you or against you).  You have 2 parts to your mind. 

First, the conscious mind, also known as your ego or personality.  Its job is to analyze everything in your life and keep you safe.  It’s the part of you that keeps you from stepping off the curb into the oncoming path of the Bi-state bus.  It’s also the part of you that has you quit on a new habit just a few days into it, if you even start it at all.  Why would it do this to you?  Because failure is not safe, so you are better not to try it at all.

Then there’s your subconscious mind.  It does not judge or analyze, because that’s the realm of your conscious mind.  Instead it works just like a computer asking what program you want to run today.  And then it runs; either towards success or (most of the time) away from pain which means procrastination, avoidance and distraction. 

So, we need to set your new daily habits at a level low enough that the “warning Will Robinson, warning” failure mode is not set off in your conscious mind.  Plus, your subconscious now builds momentum towards what you really desire and it will use your inherent creativity to find other ways to add to your Success. 

Keeping Motivated

I also want you to keep motivated during those times of “I don’t want to get off the couch and do anything, especially that” days.  Ask yourself, what emotion does your goal stand for?  Do you want to achieve prosperity because not getting phone calls from bill collectors brings you a great inner peace?  So peace is really it, right? 

Or what about that hot new body…maybe you want to feel sexy again or maybe feel sexy for the first time.  Sexy is what you desire, right?  Whatever your emotion is, ask yourself on a daily basis, how can I have more of this today, NOW?  This way you’re not limiting yourself that the only way you’ll feel peaceful and sexy is with money and great curves (although both do help). 

Making sure that your emotional needs are being met is what keeps you inspired to rise up off that couch and achieve!  (A barefaced commercial…since I’m a hypnotist it seems only fitting that I mention your option for a Private Hypnosis Consult.  Hypnosis can dramatically shorten your 91 day learning curve down to as little as one session and keep you motivated to keep achieving.  Whether in person, or on the phone, Hypnosis will help! Call me direct (636) 699-7791)

Remember, Success is a Habit…Let’s make it Your Habit!