3 Simple Steps that will position you for a Sales Yes

I just love working with people who know what they’re doing.  You can be the sales associate at Target who tells me where they’ve hidden the coffee after the store recently changed their layout, the customer service rep at the insurance agency that made sure my claim went through smoothly, all the way to my business coach who is guiding my business and me to the next level.

Question for ya; in the above example was it their title or position that determined their perceived expert status?

What is it that will have others see YOU as the go-to person?  

It’s the way you take charge of situations.  Let me give you a simple example.

A fellow businessperson wants me to take a look at their line of healthy living products (as a possible customer).  Okay, I’m interested. 

She calls me and leaves me a voicemail concerning appointment times.  I call her back, leaving her a voicemail, with explicit instructions on which two days I’m available and the times.  I also inform her that she’ll have a hard time reaching me because I’m with clients for the rest of the day.  

I tell her; all you need to do is to call me back and leave a message with the date and exact time of our meeting.

Instead of her taking charge, I got a long rambling voicemail that said,  “well, we can meet at this time or that time and this person will be there at this time and that person will be there at another time …” Not what I asked for or what I was looking for.  

Because I know how the mind does one thing it will do most things, my concern is that if this salesperson cannot handle setting a simple appointment, what’s going to happen to my level of service in matching my problem to her product…well, you can do this one or maybe that one or maybe…

We all want to work with the person who can figure out our problems and move us into progress quickly.  There are three simple steps that will position you as your clients Go-to-Solution.

1. Take charge of the situation.  When your potential clients asks you what day you think the meeting should be held, be the one to make a decision and pick the date.  If someone asked you a question you don’t know the answer to, tell them you will find the person who does know the answer and you will be the one that gets that information back to them.  

The people who can make swift decisions, even if those decisions need to be changed at a future date, are perceived by others as leaders.  

Do others see you as a leader because you’re the one making the decisions? Not if YOU’RE dealing with Fear #1 of 6: Being Wrong (details here)  

2. Tell people you Are The Specialist.  I remember calling my health insurance carrier with a question on an insurance payment.  It was apparent from the very beginning that the person I was talking to wasn’t going to be any help, so I hung up and called back.  The next person I spoke with started our conversation by saying she was the one I needed to talk to and she would be the one to get things figured out.

What is interesting is that she actually had to pass me off to a supervisor to get my questions answered because she did not have the needed information.  But how she addressed my concerns from the very beginning had me feeling confident in her ability to send me to the right person.

Are others confident in your abilities because you tell them you’re the expert and specialist? Not if YOU’RE dealing with Fear #6 of 6: Not Being Liked (details here)

3. Turn the complex into something simple. The reason why someone is reaching out to you is because they can’t figure out how to solve their problem.  They are not looking to you to confuse things further. They simply want you to give them a simple solution.

Now, we both know that sometimes things are not that easy, but you will be the hero if you can break it down to the one next step your client needs to take for their success.  

Are you the one others turn to because you take problems and turn them into simple solutions? Not if YOU’RE dealing with Fear #3 of 6: Not Being Needed 

How are you perceived by your clients? Are you the one who is wishy-washy, talks in circles, and takes the complex and adds chaos to it?  Or do you lead by decision, inspire confidence with your words, and give the next simple step for success?


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