10 ways for the Entrepreneur to Make More Money by Serving More People while Working Less!

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(in honor of our 10th Anniversary, we’re giving you the top ten tips and tools to see results in your business, now!)


1. There are only 3 ways to build your business: obtaining qualified leads, taking those leads from interested into invested, and repeat/referral sales. When engaging in biz building activities, ask which category your actions will fulfill.

Here’s an example; when building/upgrading your website, place an Irresistible Free Offer (report, audio, video) that visitors must opt in to receive (obtaining qualified leads). From there you can invite them to a complimentary consult that can take them from interested into invested. This process can gain you more sales than trying to sell directly from your site. And when your lead opts in, you should let them know you will continue to offer them value through tips, tools and techniques, while keeping them updated on your upcoming offers.


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3. WII-FM; this is an old sales adage that says your audience is always tuned into this radio station in their minds (what’s in it for me). You’ll never get any advertising space on their station if you talk about you and your process.

Instead, talk about what your audience is already listening to in their minds: their problem, now their problem is impacting their life, what they really want, and one simple step they can take with you to begin to from struggle to success.


4. How do you know if your marketing message is one that will work? What do you do with a demanding, uncooperative client? What can you do to move from 1-1 into 1 to many in your business? You can receive online coaching to get the answers you need, as well as access to a library of over 15 biz building audios in the Next Level Up Association: Reach Greater Heights of Business Success with Less Effort. November Special: receive your first 30 days of membership for only $30. Go here to activate your 30 days: https://dawnlandrum.com/nlua/


5. To upgrade a listener into a qualified lead, their next step must be; simple, clear cut, one that you initiate. Why? Because it is the subconscious mind that makes buying decisions frequently operates from the emotional level of a child. And just like a child getting easily distracted, “call me” is a request that the subconscious mind will easily forget.

Make it easy for them by handing out IFO (see #1) registration forms at networking events. Have an opt in box on your website that requests name and email address (ask for the phone number and your opt in numbers will drop). Send out the email that offers them a choice of 2 consult times with you (better yet, have a link to your online calendar where they can schedule it themselves). Simple-take this next step. Clear cut-this is what you need to fill out. You initiate-provide everything they need to say yes to you.


6. Speak to Sell: Leverage Your Time and Talents by Moving From 1-to-1 into 1-to-Many. The problem with serving and marketing on a 1-to-1 basis, is that you are trading dollars for hours. And when you run out of hours, you run out of dollars. Learn how to craft offers, present them and then fulfill them in a way that leverages your time and talents while maximizing your income in this unique Mastermind. Only a few spots left for a January start, so go here to check it out: https://dawnlandrum.com/mastermind/


7. Are you selling when you should be marketing? Selling is the exchange of value for value. An example would be; give me your contact info and I’ll send you my free: report, video, audio. Marketing is making your product/program/service so desirable that your audience self-selects, they raise their hand and ask you for more info.

When you present, whether it is your 60 seconds at a networking event or website copy, approximately 85% of the time should be marketing (see #3) and 15% of the time should be selling (see #5). This is what allows your ideal client to seek you out instead of you feeling like you have to chase them.


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9. Do your offers meet these buying criteria? The solution you offer: must solve a painful problem that is top of mind for your potential client, the painful problem needs to be urgent, the painful problem needs to be one that they are willing to invest in the solution.

If you rank these 3 areas on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 representing annoyance and 10 is NOW), the farther you get from 10, the harder you will have to work in your marketing. If you design your marketing message correctly, it will do the job of turning your audience’s annoyance into a “yes, I must take action now” and that action they will take will be with you!


10. What can I do to bring in more money right now in my business because my bills won’t wait? I’m exhausted from under charging and over delivering but how do I stop…I’ve worked so hard to get these clients…what if they leave? Running from one networking event to the next is taking all my time and bringing in very little money…isn’t there an easier way? Others say I need a website, and I should be blogging, not to mention the whole social media thing …how important is it really? How do I know if I should be adding in another source of income…will that stretch me too far? I see others succeeding and I’m just as smart and talented as they are…why does this have to be so hard for me?

If any of these questions are haunting you, begging for an answer that you do not have, then you are in the right place. Building your business is one of the hardest and deepest soul searching journeys that you can ever take. But it will bring you the greatest reward of all- You at your very best! You can be of service to others and be rewarded for that work. And we’re ready to teach you how. Go here to see how we can take your business from struggling to success: https://dawnlandrum.com/prosperity/

Helping you to reach greater heights of success with less effort!

Dawn and Drew